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08.03.2015 - 09.03.2015
Hotel Biz Art, Kanton Zürich Stadt: Uster

„Sensitivity is the shadow, lust the body
and cruelty the spirit of love.“

-Donatien Alphonse François Marquis de Sade–

Davina Dust is my name
All my different attributes underlie it – feminine, erotic, bizarre but also mystic and fathomless.

I have a big favour for the huge variety of games in the fetish sector. To practice them means responsibility to me. It’s Knowledge, fantasy and empathy to equal parts. When I notice your suffering, your helplessness and your addiction close to me it turns me on.

My phantasie is unlimited and I like to use it for roleplays. If nurse, governess, frivolous but dominant boss, insubordinate secretary or bizarre lady. I always find the matching diction. Sometimes I’m polite but authoritative. Sometimes I give you just a small hint to read between the lines. If it’s necessary I’m dirty and vulgar.

But also the enthusiasts of other preferences will get to know my persuasiveness. More details can be found in my bizarre portfolio. Gourmets will get their money's worth. Due to the full control of my body I'm pleased to serve you a rich multi-course meal. Reservation is neccessary at least one day in advance.

I abuse you as it pleases me. As well the experienced submissive gentleman as also the beginner appreciate my affectionate but at once assertive manner from tender to hard. Enjoy my extensive service and let yourself be pampered according to you deviation. Only this way erotic tenseness can arise in which you can abandon yourself faithfully.


Height: 169 cm
Weight: 54,333 kg
Bust: I'm pleased
Intimate: shaved
Languages: german, english, french
Hobbies: Pilates, Golf, Reading, Jogging, Soccer
Favourite perfume: Dior Cherie
Flowers: Blue roses
Favourite author: Adrian Pein, Matthias Grimme, Erich Kästner, Thomas Kistner
Favourite music: Medieval, Metal, Classic, Minimal House
Interview: Dominaportrait