Baroness Davina Dust Rubber Challenge

Baroness Davina Dust in black latex

So you had definitely not imagined your deserved punishment for unauthorized cum: Hours of full rubberization with extreme stimulation by the cruel latex Baroness. the enchanting 'femme fatale' who mercilessly lives out her kinky lust on you.

The goddess is in a dreamy latex robe and takes it very carefully with the punishment:

Latex on every part of your body. In your mouth as a latex gag. In your anus as a latex plug. On your eyes as a latex mask.

Tight multi-layered latex all over your body The smell and consistency of the material will send you into an unprecedented frenzy of the senses. Soon you realize that your latex goddess can now do anything with you. You will allow it and let it happen to you. She will do it with pleasure.

In your latex slave cock it throbs stronger and stronger. Will you learn your lesson? You will enjoy it, because that's what you need. Maybe you will even be redeemed at the end of your latex detention?

So what hides behind the mask ? Mask games


  • Complete, multi-layered dressing from head to toe
  • Corseting as well as neck corsets possible
  • Mask training with various masks (inflatable, NS, beginners as well as for the experienced rubberist)
  • Gas masks / tubing systems
  • div. F..kmachines
  • Abmelk excesses (Venus 2000)
  • Vacuum bed
  • Rubber Doll Training
  • Electro Tools ET 312
  • inflatable rubber bags, bondage bags, rubber bags
  • Latex clinic
  • Bondage
  • Floating condition possible due to special suspensions
The shackles are for you !


New Ruberrists must apply at least 2 days in advance. 

In order to perform a successful treatment I need the following information about you: 

  • Experienced practices / experiences
  • beloved fetish
  • unfulfilled fantasies
  • Load capacity
  • Health status
  •  Age
  • Size & Weight
  • Taboos
  • 1-2 date proposals 

I expect you to confirm the scheduled appointment by 10am on the day of your treatment via email or text message.

For new clients I reserve the right to a 30% deposit.


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