Who is afraid of Davina Dust?

What are you most afraid of? Do you not think that such an innocent looking creature like me can conjure up the cold fear sweat on your forehead? As sweet as my voice may sound, as enchanting as my charm will enchant you in the preliminary talk - once you are in my power, all that is history! I will tie you up harder than you could imagine in your wildest dreams. I will be more sadistic than you could have hoped for in your darkest fantasies. I will do with you what I want. I will touch a first boundary to destroy your pride. I will violate a second boundary to break your will. I will cross a third border to throw you completely into my dependence. And then you will realize that you belong to me. That there is no way out. That the game runs according to my rules. And my rules are cruel. I want to hear the pain in the stifled screams of your gagged mouth. I want to see the panic in your wide open eyes. I want to see the sweat of fear pouring from all your pores. I want to see you fall. And then I will be there to catch you. But the fear will remain. It will be your constant companion. It will drive you back to me again and again ... 


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Mords gaudi auf der Wiesn

Es ist ein schöner, warmer Nachmittag und ich bin um 15:30 Uhr mit Kollegen auf dem Oktoberfest der Käfer Wies’n-Schänke verabredet. Ich trage traditionelle bayerische

Menage a trois – Der Dreiklang

-Drei Dominas – Drei Stunden – Drei Sünden Du bist unser Lustobjekt, unser Spielzeug, unser Diener, welcher unsere Aufmerksamkeit bekommt aber natürlich mit seiner Freiheit

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