Welcome to your dominatrix

Baroness Davina Dust

Welcome to your dominatrix

Baroness Davina Dust

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Baroness Davina Dust - Your Mistress - BDSM Bondage

I the Baroness Davina Dust am your dream! But I can also become your nightmare! I am a hedonist I educate my slaves and objects with the necessary rigor, consistency, strictness and passionate sadism. I like to laugh. Sometimes with you, but mostly about you and about the mental and physical torment I will inflict on you.

I am versatile, but always exquisite. I will make you my victim, whether in a gourmet restaurant, opera theater, high-end studio, luxury hotel or upscale department store. Or how about in a park or by a small lake with raspberry bushes, lots of nettles and an anthill?

You can have standard upbringing anywhere – but not with me, because I attach great importance to appropriate upbringing and training, right up to the absolute submission and self-sacrifice of the slave.

You will be mine in the future.
I am a changeable dominatrix, both in terms of my appearance – my wardrobes of extravagant clothes fill several rooms and the tools I use to control you are countless – and in terms of my nature:

My imagination and my wealth of ideas when it comes to shaping and challenging you are inexhaustible. Give your life meaning, give yourself to me

Further education

Watch me, your Baroness Davina Dust, live while I educate you or others online live!


The game can begin in the restaurant at dinner, as a parquet-safe companion.


I am a hedonist, a large part of my life is dedicated to pleasure and this is limitless.


You can look for dates here.

"Submission is...

… a gift born of strength, nourished by trust, sustained by respect and esteem.

If the word doesn’t beat, then neither does the stick!”

Author unknown

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Limited accessibility:

Until 15.04. I can only be reached by email and text message.

Until then, further education is also only possible by email.

There is no remote contact by telephone or WhatsApp.

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