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Escort - Let me accompany you

I enjoy a theater performance with you in an elegant evening dress. I will accompany you on your business trip in a business suit. I let you take me out for a candlelight dinner in my little black dress. So you can live out your fantasies in my escort session. I am well aware of my public image and know how to showcase my assets exquisitely. At your side, I will draw the envious, covetous glances of the other men to us. What will happen? Am I just your exciting new girlfriend? Or are there already signs that you have become entangled in my clutches and the bizarre game has already begun….

My game

I celebrate every escort session like a world premiere and transform it into a unique performance. No two of my bizarre games are the same. I give in completely to my perverse vein and my bizarre desires, let myself drift in the sea of sensual torment, fall upon you like a wild animal on the hunt for prey. I will subjugate you and shape you into an object worthy of me. Then you will have found the meaning of your existence. The meaning is me!
You can experience your bizarre arrangement with me throughout Germany and Europe. At my respective location according to my calendar I also offer a unique escort service of the dominant-sadistic kind. If you don’t see any of your cities listed here, please send me an email .
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Limited accessibility:

Until 15.04. I can only be reached by email and text message.

Until then, further education is also only possible by email.

There is no remote contact by telephone or WhatsApp.

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