Testimonial from a customer

What I experienced yesterday was exactly what I had hoped for and yet completely different – in a positive sense.

I thought it was brilliant how you caught me off guard right at the beginning, including. the shower.

The KG was also an interesting experience. The subsequent spanking on the buck was an intense experience that pushed me to my limits with the last 3 strokes. I don’t think I could have endured three more just like that. Later, the paddle was like a pleasant massage.

The subsequent wrapping in the foil with the rope restraint combination on the bed, with the subsequent small tortures were also an indescribable experience. Especially when they took advantage of my hopeless situation and first forced me to lick the tips of their boots clean and then started to tease me further with this nasty breath control game. I thought at first when you said afterwards that I had to hop to the love swing was one of your little jokes, but when I did have to do it, I was glad to be able to do it without the threat of high heels. Otherwise it would have been a real challenge.

The crowning glory for me was on the love swing, where they really almost drove me out of my mind.


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Great fun at the Wiesn

It’s a beautiful, warm afternoon and I have an appointment with colleagues at the Käfer Wies’n-Schänke Oktoberfest at 3:30 pm. I wear traditional Bavarian costume.


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